1. Library Hours
  2. UC Libraries is open from 7:00AM to 7:00PM, from Mondays to Saturdays except on holidays and class suspensions.

  3. Reference Services
    • Library Orientation / Instruction/ Tour
    • Current Awareness Services (CAS)
      • Library notices and updates are announced through library bulletin boards, UC Broadcasting Center/MC Radio Booth, and UC website.
      • Available library resources/arrival of acquired library materials are made known to patrons through information delivery like Booklist, Bookwatch, Table of Contents (TOC), Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) and e-mail.
      • Featured materials for the week or new arrivals are on display.
    • Referral / Interlibrary Research
      • UC students who need to avail library resources of other universities/colleges may be issued an Interlibrary Referral Letter from the Office of the Chief Librarian.
      • Patrons from other institutions (interlibrary users) are afforded services and resources of the UC Libraries subject to the guidelines and procedures specified in the Circulation Policies and Circulation Procedures

  4. Circulation Services
  5. Information Retrieval Services
    • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
    • Entry to the Stack Area
    • Semi-open shelf system is practiced wherein patron may enter the stack area. Circulation Policies and Circulation Procedures apply and the patron shall:

      • Present valid I.D. to the library personnel.
      • Fill out the Logbook.
      • Place his/her bag in the baggage counter.

  6. Internet Access
  7. Computers and iPads with internet access are provided for academic purposes. Guidelines and procedures specified in the Circulation Policies and Circulation Procedures shall apply.

  8. Physical Facilities Provision
    • The discussion room and the audio-visual room are available on a first come, first served basis.
    • The Logbook for Discussion Room/Logbook for Audio-Visual Room is used to facilitate reservations.

  9. Library Sections
  10. The Office of the Chief Librarian manages the overall library operations.

    SectionLocation Symbol
    1Technical Services SectionTSS
    2Accountancy LibraryAcL
    3Arts & Sciences LibraryASL
    4Business Administration LibraryBAL
    5Criminal Justice Education LibraryCJE
    6Engineering Library and
    Architecture Library
    7Filipiniana LibraryF
    8Fiction LibraryFic
    9General Collections LibraryGC
    10Graduate School LibraryG
    11Hospitality Management Library and
    Tourism Management Library
    12Information Technology & Computer Science LibraryICS
    13Internet LibraryIL
    14Law LibraryL
    15Media CenterMC
    16Nursing LibraryNL
    17Periodicals LibraryPr
    18Teacher Education LibraryLTE
    19Theses and Dissertations LibraryThD
    20Special Collections
    - Cordillera Collection
    - Benjamin R. Salvosa Collection
    - Salvosa Family Collection
    - UC Collection
    - International Collection
    - Braille Collection
    21Grade School Library GSL
    22High School Library HSL