Baguio Colleges High School Batch '60 to '70 First Grand Alumni Homecoming

February 16, 2011

2011 started big for the University of the Cordilleras in the coming together of its high school alumnus, tagged as 11 in 11 or the gathering of 11 Baguio Colleges High School batches in 2011.

Look back

Laughter, fun, tears, excitement, and surprises filled UC Theater on Jan 8. After almost 40years, old friends, classmates, teachers, and childhood sweethearts were remembered as Baguio Colleges High School batches 1960 to 1970 gathered in their first Grand Alumni Homecoming.

Among the alumnus, nothing can be more precious than teachers seeing their former students became successful. Ms. Ana Jasa and Ms. Teresita Bacugan, warmly welcomed their students with big hugs and sweet smiles. By merely seeing them and knowing what they have become, these proud teachers were happy to see their little hijo's and hija's achieved a lot; happy that they were part in molding these successful people.

The alumnus, on the other hand, filled the room with laughter as they reminisce the days when they were just teens. One can't just help but cheer in awe upon seeing a classmate - probably a best friend or a seatmate after 40 yrs. Two old buddies sharing bear hugs is a wonderful view.

Sharing wisdom gained over the years

Being able to attend such an event is an opportunity. Some were not able to make it, and for those who did, this is a memory worth remembering. Life has become so much different from high school. Today these little darlings have become big in their chosen fields and excelled in their own endeavors.

From 'kiddie' chit-chats, these grown-ups now share their life's stories, how they were and how they made it through this life - how tough life's battle was and eventually overcoming them.


These homecomings, as it speaks for itself, coming back home, made old friends see each other again. After almost 40 years, new communication and new beginning of friendship was re-established. The hugging and the reminiscing did not end it all; rather, it has created a start of a new history about to be shared.

Give Back

More than seeing old friends again, the Baguio Colleges High School alumnus came back to show their appreciation to their former school now known as the University of the Cordilleras. By the end of the almost unending reminiscing, a donation amounting to Php 212, 652.50 was made to help build a new covered court for the next generation of UC.

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