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Adopt-a-Scholar Program

The University of the Cordilleras aims to institutionalize an integrative community development program in empowering the less fortunate towards self- reliance in partnership with the private and government agencies. One of the purposes behind Project H.E.L.E.N.'s education component is to equip and enlighten young minds so they may become capable, productive, and empowered citizens of the community, the nation, and the world.

The University of the Cordilleras believes that education is a birth right. Hence, the university through its community arm, Project H.E.L.E.N. (Education Component) developed the "Adopt-a -Scholar" program for the underprivileged.

Adopt-a- Scholar program is an education assistance program of the university through Project H.E.L.E.N. (Education component) for indigent children from elementary and high school students. Beneficiaries are poor children, chosen by the Barangay Social Worker, with limited access to primary education. Assistance includes uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies, and others. This is complemented by support programs such as book donations, feeding program, participation in special events, etc.

Scholarship Package

For just Php 1000 per year 'parents' can adopt a student and help with their school supplies and other needs for one whole year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can help?

Any individual, group, department, college or organization can become partners in education. There are, however, basic qualifications of participants to the program.

What assistance can be provided?

The program carries an option called scholarship package that is applicable for one school year. This package is based on the school needs of a public elementary or high school student in the pilot area.

How will recipients/ beneficiaries be selected?

The adopting individual or group has the prerogative of identifying the beneficiary of his choice, based on the record of the Barangay Social Worker, and the recommendation of the barangay liaison officer.

Adoption Procedures
  1. Pupils/ Students can be adopted by an individual, group, college, department, or organization.
  2. The Center for Social Responsibility (C.E.S.O.) shall facilitate the adoption process between the adopting individual/ group and the scholar through the help of the barangay liaison officer.
  3. The barangay liaison officer will provide the adopting individual or group with the list and profile of prospective pupils/students with their corresponding needs.
  4. The CSR-C.E.S.O. technical assistant will prepare the MOA to be signed by the adopting individual or group. Likewise, a certificate will be duly signed, and be awarded to the selected pupil/ student.
  5. The MOA will be subject for review and approval by the CSR-C.E.S.O. with the guidance of the Legal Office.