Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations shall govern the behavior and conduct of students inside the school campus as well as outside of the school premises when they are engaged in activities authorized by the school.They shall also be applicable when the misconduct of the student, although committed outside of the school premises, involves his/her status as a student or affects the good name and reputation of the University of the Cordilleras.

The specific sanctions and procedures for investigation covering the offenses are provided below:

Article I

Offenses and Penalties

Section 1. The penalties that may be imposed on erring students are expulsion, exclusion, suspension, orwritten reprimand.

  • Expulsion - bars the erring student from all public or private schools in the Philippines.
  • Exclusion - erring student shall be dropped from the rolls of the University of the Cordilleras and shall never be re-admitted.
  • Suspension - shall deny the erring student attendance in his classes for a period not exceeding eight (8) days per term, and shall not be given any make up activities.

Expulsion for Grave Offenses

Section 2. The penalty of expulsion shall be imposed on any student found guilty of any of the following offenses:

  1. Gross misconduct;
  2. Grave Immorality including act of lasciviousness, petting and similar immoral acts within the school Dishonesty which includes, but not limited to, cheating during examination, causing the leakage ofexamination questions, and plagiarism;
  3. Hazing;
  4. Carrying or concealing deadly weapon in the campus;
  5. Selling, possession and/or use of prohibited or regulated drugs;
  6. Drug dependency;
  7. Drunkenness or disorderly behavior caused by drugs or liquor;
  8. Assaulting a student, teacher, school personnel or any other person;
  9. Instigating, leading or participating in illegal strikes or similar concerted activities resulting in the stoppage of classes or any school activities;
  10. Preventing or threatening any pupil or student or school personnel from entering the school premisesor attending classes or discharging duties;
  11. Securing or using forged school records, forms and documents;
  12. Forging or tampering with school records, school forms or documents;
  13. Theft of school property, or property belonging to a faculty member or student;
  14. Fighting or violence resulting in physical injuries;
  15. Extorting money or making unauthorized collection or solicitation of money from any student, faculty member, or other school personnel;

Penalty of Exclusion

Section 3. The penalty of exclusion shall be imposed on any student found guilty of any of the followingoffenses:

  1. Falsely accusing another student;
  2. Preventing by means of fraud, coercion, threats, bribery or other similar means, another student or person from testifying or reporting the commission of an offense;
  3. Gross disrespect to a teacher or any school authority;
  4. Delivery of seditious or libelous speeches;
  5. Publication, possession, distribution, dissemination and/or posting of lewd, indecent, immoral, libelousor seditious article, magazine, posters, slides, or similar materials;
  6. Sexual harassment, display of immoral/sexual desire, or sexual misconduct;
  7. Conviction of a crime where the penalty imposed by the court is more than six (6) months;
  8. Marking, defacing or mutilating books, school records, school forms and documents;
  9. Commission of any of the offenses enumerated in Section 4 of this Article the fourth time or oftener;
  10. Making libelous or slanderous, insulting, derogatory, or malicious utterance or remarks and/or flagrant indecent language against an officer of the school, or faculty member, or student;
  11. Intimidating, threatening or harassing a student, faculty member, or an officer of the school;
  12. Hooliganism;
  13. Representing the University in national/international affairs without authority or permission form theschool or any of its authorized representatives;
  14. Bringing in, imbibing, or dispensing liquor or any intoxicating beverage within the premises of theschool.
  15. Misappropriation of student funds or funds of student organization.

Penalty of Suspension

Section 4. Any student found guilty of any of the following offenses shall suffer the penalty of suspension from one (1) day to eight (8) days:

  1. Littering;
  2. Smoking inside the school;
  3. Failure or refusal to wear identification card inside the school campus;
  4. Allowing other person to use his identification card;
  5. Making unnecessary noise such as singing or boisterous conversation, which causes the disruption ofclasses;
  6. Using any school facility without proper authority or permission from the Office of Student Affairs;
  7. Using the name of UC, without proper authority or permission, in any ticket, invitation, program,announcement, or similar printed matters;
  8. Posting, distributing or disseminating notices, posters, leaflets and similar bills, without prior approvalof the Office of Student Affairs;
  9. Removing, altering or defacing, without proper authority, posted signs and posters duly approved bythe University;
  10. Vandalism;
  11. Gambling in any form;
  12. Other disorderly behavior or misconduct that may endanger or threaten the health or safety of an individual in the school premises, or that may adversely affect the student's welfare as members ofthe academic community.

Section 5. Any student found guilty of any of the offenses enumerated in Section 4 of this Article shall berequired to report to the Dean and be given a written reprimand and be required to execute a promissory note for the first time he/she is found guilty of it; on the second time, one to eight days suspension. In fixing the penalty, the disciplining authority may consider circumstances that may mitigate or aggravate the offender’s liability.

Section 6. Any student found guilty of any of the offenses enumerated in Section 4 of this Article the 4th time shall be meted the penalty of exclusion.

Section 7. A student who has been charged with any of the offenses mentioned in Section 2 and 3 of this Article may be preventively suspended and be barred from entering the school premises if the evidence of guilt against him/her is strong and the President is convinced that the continued stayof the erring student while the case is being heard constitutes distraction to the normal operation of the school, or poses risk or danger to any person or property of the school.

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